Life exists in the details. The tiny nuances. The way we engage and connect. How we share of ourselves, and give away tiny pieces of our hearts. Life exists in the painful process of opening up to one another. The “me too”. The darkness stepping forward and claiming it’s truth so it can rediscover the light. Life exists in the warm, comforting arms of our lover, the sweet smell of a babies head, the unexpected but welcome hug from a friend, the moments of silence and clarity when the day is through. Life exists in the details.

My arms are waving high in the air. The beat has dropped. My heart is beginning to pump blood forcefully through my body and I look up…there are 7 women staring at me. They are waiting to see what move my body makes next. These girls are my friends. They show up. They laugh. They crack jokes. They spend way too much time talking, and I let them. I let them because life exists in the details. We need these moments. We need each other. We show up to work our bodies but it’s our hearts that leave healthier. We have things we need to say. Stories we need to tell. Moments we need to share. Laughs that need to escape. For this one hour we aren’t wives or mommy’s or widowers, or singles. We aren’t employees, or retiree’s. We aren’t too young, or too old. We are just us. Today I looked up in total gratitude and love, with a deep appreciation for each one of them. For the lessons they’ve taught me, for the advice they’ve given, for helping me to see the beauty…in them, in me, in life, in the details. That’s where life exists.