When was the last time you committed?

Like really stepped in with both feet and shouted “YES! Count me in!” and meant it? Was it your marriage? Was it schooling? Was it a job you started? Kids? What have you committed to in your life?

Commitment is hard.

Hard and great are closely related and walk hand in hand. Most things that are great, are great, because they are hard…that’s what makes them great. They don’t fall into your lap meaninglessly, you have to work. You have to commit.

I own a fitness studio. I know a thing or two about commitment. I watch the ebb and flow of the committed and the not so committed through my tiny little piece of the world. I’ve spent (by my calculations) over 10,000 hours teaching fitness. Nearly every day for ten years now I’ve gotten to watch. It’s been a (not so scientific) study of humans and our deep fear of commitment. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life (I’ve seen countless victories), and one of my biggest heartaches, because I get it… It’s hard. You want to start but you don’t know how. You do start and nothing changes. You give it your very best, and it’s not good enough. You work your buns off physically, but you can’t win at nutrition. You’re body seems to be failing you and everything hurts. You thought you wanted this, but now the price seems too steep, the cost is too great…your motivation wanes and it just feels easier to give up.

Yeah, I know. I get it.

Somehow we convince ourselves it’s not worth it, and there-in lies the heartache…what you’re saying is “I’m not really worth it”.

And you’re so wrong.

Here’s the thing, most of us are average. We’re walking around in our lives being pretty mediocre. We tell ourselves that’s ok. We settle in all manner of ways… relationships, financially, jobs, health, etc. We decide average is probably as good as it’s going to get. That’s not true.

Greatness is available to everyone. It’s free. It’s there for the taking. Anyone can be great and it’s weird, because what sometimes initially seems crazy….

*Man, that chick trains so hard. She works out constantly. She trains 24/7. She is insane about her routine and her nutrition. She thinks about nothing else besides her sport. Doesn’t she want to have a life?*

Flips a switch into greatness.

We watch her on the TV accept her gold medal for her country, and it’s not crazy anymore. It’s great. She’s great. We’re moved and inspired. A crazy hard difficult commitment, suddenly became great…that was just the cost of greatness. You feel me?

Most people when things get difficult walk away. I’ve seen it more times than I can count. We just start to build strength, we just start to see some changes, we just begin to get a little uncomfortable, and we bolt. Uncomfortable is scary. Difficult is asking you to access a part of you that must work harder, must show up, must dig deeper, must sweat more, must commit, and most if us aren’t really all that interested.

If greatness was easy everyone would be doing it.

What if you did do it though? What if you woke up tomorrow morning, looked your bad ass self in the mirror, and just decided? What if you made the commitment and freaking did it? Just this once? Can you imagine what that might feel like? To show up everyday for yourself? To give yourself the time of day? To not just think you’re worthy of the difficult thing to achieve greatness, but to actually do it? The work. The sweat. The grind. The time is going to pass one way or the other. You can work at something 10,000 hours, or you can sit on your hands and watch 10,000 hours, but 10,000 hours will pass either way.

Don’t waste your life thinking greatness is not for you. Decide right now, that maybe it in fact is…and I’ll see you out there.