Things went too far today. It doesn’t really matter what that means. Have you ever been smack dab in the middle of something and just realized suddenly that it went too far? You fought unfair. You said too much. You gave it all away. You pushed too hard. I think most of us take things too far. This human thing is so weird. It’s just all of us trying to navigate, and do the best we can, and stay the course, and maintain a shred of dignity doing it, but we go too far, especially when it’s someone we love. I often wonder why it’s so hard. Like why can’t we all just love each other? Why in the world is it so easy to be nasty, and so difficult to be decent? Why are families so crazy? We hurt the people we love most. We say terrible mean things. And why? Because we care? I hate that. I hate that I say things I would never dare utter to a stranger to the people I love most. I hate that I struggle to make things right when there’s only one person I want things to be right with. It’s all backward, and dumb, and today, it went too far. I’m going to try much harder to love the people I love, ya know? Not let things go too far. It’s a sickening feeling when you’re not sure you can find your way back. I want to always be able to come back. That’s what grace does. It returns when things go too far. More grace ya’ll. More grace.