I lost my job a few weeks ago. A silly thing I did on the side to earn extra income. It was my safety-safe. It was the thing I knew I had if all else failed. It’s gone now. I just have me. So my husband and I sat down and said, “Now what? Where do we go from here?” We made a plan. We set a timeline. We knew that our “Christmas break” would be no break at all. We were going to have to hustle. So for two weeks now we have been hustling. My husband has logged innumerable hours, at the one time of the year when he is suppose to get to breathe and relax, and I have had to rethink my entire game plan. But this is life. This is the job. These little things…And now we have to trust it. This New Year we find ourselves in feels charged. Like there is an electricity to it. This will be the year that changes everything. I already know that. One year from now everything will be different. I don’t know exactly what that means, I just know that it’s true. And so intentions. I have to be intentional. I had this thought this morning…”What if you just broke it down? Joy for the hour? Peace for the moment? Calm for the day? What if you didn’t try to think about being or doing anything for an entire year, (which feels overwhelming and impossible). What if you just survived with a little grace the very moment that you’re in?”

These little things.

I’m going to hang on to that phrase. It feels like it may be very important to move forward in inches instead of miles. Moments instead of months. But onward we go. ❤️