Have you ever realized that you were good enough? There’s plenty of talk and discussion surrounding feeling like you’re not good enough, but what if you were? What if you really were? What if you knew you were? What if you held up the comparison to the ideal and were not found wanting? What if the fear that followed you around whispering jack stories, telling you lies taunting your self worth, and strangling your confidence accidentally tripped and you caught a glimpse of your real self? No one had to tell you. No one took you by the hand and led you to it, you arrived all on your own. At first you were mad. Yes, mad. What the hell took so long? Why didn’t you see it sooner? Why didn’t somebody tell you? But then…all of the sudden, you can see the road, and it’s been there the whole time you just didn’t know it. It’s miles and miles long and it twists and it narrows and it widens. It goes under and over and around and through and it’s beautiful. It beckons to you and says, “you found me…finally”. And you’re not afraid anymore, you’re just there, ready to travel. It makes no promises. It doesn’t need to. All it ever needed was just to be seen. It’s your journey. Not for anyone else. It’s soul purpose is soul purpose, and you have it. You are enough. What the rest of the world is doing or not doing doesn’t even matter. Honestly…it may disappear again. You might wake up tomorrow and not be able to see the road anymore. Life may hurtle obstacles and tragedy your direction and redirect you to a completely different road. You may once again wonder where you went, and how you got so off course. But, and it’s a big but…you know now that it’s there. You’re there. And you know now that underneath a lifetime of lies and shame and fear and negative self talk that a purpose for your very existence exists. And you’ll be less distracted. Less deterred. Less apt to make unfair comparisons. Less unsure. And you’ll keep on walking.

I will too. And that’s enough.