A belief system of sorts…

Love is, in my opinion underused. Some people say we throw the word around carelessly and it loses its meaning…I say we don’t throw it around nearly enough. You can indeed heart all the things. You can absolutely love all the people. You can without a doubt always, always, always, love more.

I consider myself to be a Christian. All that means to me is follower of Christ. If I’m going to follow, I better do my best to emulate, and Jesus was love. Jesus loved people. All people. The least the most. The lowliest the greatest. The most damaged, with the most grace. The broken, to complete and total healing. Jesus loved people. Jesus loved me. And Jesus didn’t pick and choose. Jesus hung on the cross and loved the murderer next to him. He died in his place. Jesus was love.

Love wins.

My business has a saying and has since day one…”Love Wins”.

I can imagine this has led people to make all sorts of determinations in their own minds about what that means. What group I may be affiliated with, or what belief system or politics I subscribe to. Most likely, you’re all right. If it lovingly serves people…I subscribe. I’m perfectly content with you assuming whatever you’d like to assume. For me, it just means that love wins…When I have to decide if someone who can’t afford to pay can come to class. When I have to determine my response to someone who is bad talking me or my business. When I have to say yes or no to an opportunity. When a chance to serve presents itself. When someone is in need. When I’m asked to donate. When every fiber of my being wants to stand up for myself and shout out the truth and set the record straight. When I am bullied. When I am overwhelmed with goodness and favor and grace. In good times. In bad times. All times. Love wins. I check my heart first. I ask how love would respond. I open the doors wider. I give whatever is left to give. I try my best to make sure my decisions are based in love. Love of people. People are what matter.

Listen to me…you can’t lose when you err on love’s side. Love is powerful. Love changes people for good, and for good.

Am I perfect at this?

Ha! Hardly. I get so angry and frustrated, I cry crocodile tears. I want to quit…often. The struggle is very, very real to match my theology to my reality. To not just be a walking, talking contradiction.

But, love wins.

God grants gentle daily reminders. He is the God who see’s, and He lovingly shows up in the darkest moments with someone or something that reveals the light, and I keep walking. You do too. It’s how we survive. Love shows up and reminds us that it’s worth getting up one more time. It’s worth the investment. It’s worth the energy. It’s worth the time. Love makes things worth fighting for.

Share the Love.

It’s been a recent practice I have glommed on to to share the love. Hug people more. Tell them you love them. Find something you love? Share. Bring treats. Give things away. Buy the extravagant gift. Life is so short (and that’s so cliche, I know, but it is). There’s no time to waste being petty and selfish and rude and self serving. Those things don’t feel good either. They bring no joy. Go share something with someone who needs it and tell me afterward you feel worse for wear. Go invest in a conversation with an overwhelmed tired mommy, buy her a coffee and tell me afterward that you’re unhappy about it. Take treats to work and tell me the unexpected surprise wasn’t worth the extra time and energy invested. Step outside of your comfort zone and pay a compliment to a stranger. Tell someone you’re glad they’re here. When you wonder if something is maybe too weird or too personal, or too touchy feely…just go for it. If life should be anything, it should be personal. And we crave it. We crave connection. We crave the opportunity to talk. We want people to care about us. We love it when we feel like we were worth your time and investment.

We were made for kindness. We want to be known by our love.

I want to spend my life saying, protecting, saving, honoring, sharing, and fighting for what I love.

So, if you’re ever asked to explain what that whole K-Town place is about…what’s that chic doing? Why is it so weird? You just tell them we’re the zebra in the pony show and we believe in love. Love wins. ❤️