When my daughter gets sassy and waves her finger, or pointedly points, or chews me out in absolute gibberish we like to say to her, “NOOO, I tell you!” She is all girl and has no problem asserting the rules for the whole room. She takes after her mama like that…

One week ago my world sorta mildly exploded. (I say mildly, I’m well aware that things can always be worse. As you’re about to find out, it’s even worse than that…we’re all gonna die).

Everyone got sick.

Everyone. My entire family.

My knee blew out and doesn’t appear to want to blow back in. For a fitness instructor it’s your worst nightmare. Your body is this sacred temple that provides for your family. One part quits working and the whole building crumbles. It feels quite hopeless and scary.


Saturday night though, Saturday night. My husband took me to Lincoln to see Rob Bell. Right in the middle of our chaos and disasters we drove to Lincoln. We ate these phenomenal burgers, that I could actually taste. By the time we drove home, I couldn’t taste anything anymore and the peanut butter cups I ate were just a waste. Wanna get depressed in a hurry? Eliminate the flavor of food. One of life’s great pleasures. Gone. But before that I got to hear Rob Bell.

An Introduction to Joy

I knew back in December, (as I was right in the middle of “Joyful The Movement”) when I saw tickets go on sale for an Introduction to Joy by my very favorite author and speaker it was meant to be. Indeed it was.


I tell you…

What if your life, this life, the one you’re in, presently, is actually joy? What if it’s one big giant joy spot? What if the whole thing isn’t doom and gloom with a few bright spots. What if it’s actually joy…with a few clouds here and there? What if you reframed your mindset? What if you started looking for joy everywhere? In everything? Joy is not happiness. Joy is inside of you, it’s up to you. Joy is repositioning your mind to see the good. To find the wonderful in the mundane. To celebrate the quirky. The weird. The random. Joy happens for all of us. You know those moments when you’re suddenly struck thinking…

“this. this is what life is about. this.”

That. Is. Joy.

I walked into my kitchen a couple nights ago and my husband was standing at the counter preparing supper. Gun on one hip. Baby bottle in his back pocket. If that’s not prepared, I don’t know what is. I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.


I stood facing the garbage cans in the Gibbon High School cafeteria, dancing. Leading the dance. Music cranked. Arms lifted. Heart open. So thankful for this one life.


Lying next to my husband at night. Giggling over something wildly inappropriate that really only 12 year old boys (and us), find funny.


Finding some sort of holy absurdity in driving around for an hour with a Kleenex plugged up and hanging out my nose. Because I am convinced that a reason for not being able to breathe, is better than a clogged nose that drips and has no plug in it. Go ahead Kearney. Stop and stare.


A resilient determination that no matter how much snow, no matter how much snot, no matter how much muchness the world is trying to throw at me, I won’t give up. I will find the good. I will be an absolute joy mongor. The universe is just gonna have to settle down and settle in. I’ve got my finger out, I’m pointing at all the good, I’m laying down the rules. I tell you…

Joy. Lives. Here.

Your life here on earth, truly is a vapor. You’re here for such a small, short amount of time. There’s not much rhyme or reason to any of it honestly. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. It’s all just part of life, and we’re all gonna die. So you may as well focus in on what’s good. Read good books. Create art. Make love. Drink good coffee. Love people. Do something you like to do. Follow your passions. Drive nowhere. Take the picture. Buy the ticket. See the show. Enjoy the moment. Find the hilarity. Appreciate the absurd. Make the glove compartment the snack box…You know?

Do a little more joy.

That’s my plan.