I’ve been quiet for awhile now. The feelings come fresh almost daily, but when the time presents itself, (if it does) the words are no longer there. It’s possible they’re just for me. This time and season. But something is growing inside of me. Something is showing itself to be true. Something is speaking deeply into this heart.

“Shoulders back, chest lifted, crown of the head elevated towards the ceiling, ground down through the hips, heart open…Heart. Always. Open.”

I speak those last three words. I mean them. I want to live them. It is yoga, yes, but those three words are solid truth. My truth.

I have been paying attention. I have been watching. I have been thinking. I have been gathering the evidence…

That couple that waited an eternity of years for their adopted baby…they never gave up. Now it’s here. It is happening. They’re about to be parents to an adorable baby girl…Heart. Open.

That survivor, wife, mother and friend, that has faced untold number of tragedies and setbacks and health scares and still wakes up everyday full of love and grace…Heart. Open.

That strong mama faithfully standing watch on the wall 24/7 to protect her baby from another siezure that could take him from her…Heart. Open.

That warrior woman that somehow heard me. She heard me say “I believe in you…you can do hard things.” So she is. Cause she CAN, like a queen, and it’s awesome…Heart. Open.

That relentless fighter of a mother who takes her baby every year for her rare disease to receive the most excellent checkups and care and never complains or gives up…Heart. Open.

That faithful friend I have watched raise a beautiful family of girls, adopt two boys and advocate endlessly for them…Heart. Open.

The sweet ways my life has been blessed to intersect with the most fascinating, kind, faithful, artistic, cool, generous, brave and lovely souls daily…Heart. Open.

My husband lovingly singing lullaby’s at 2am to our daughter who has decided she can’t sleep without being held. Hearing him remind her over and over that Daddy is here. Daddy loves you…Heart. Open.

The way that joy has infiltrated my very being and set itself firmly in my worldview…Heart. Open.

Today’s most excellent sermon. The feeling that the God of the universe, who spoke worlds into motion, has something to say to me. Yes me. And those words, “if you only knew”…

I do know.

Because I was there…and now I am here. That’s all I need to say. I was blind, but now I see. End of story…Heart. Open.

So fiercely I stare into the camera and say “Heart. Always. Open.” Because that’s where the life is. That’s where the joy lives. That’s where we bear witness to the incredible depth of strength and perseverance of the human spirit. That is where the miracles live.

Don’t miss it. ❤️