I have a blog now. This. You’re here. This is it. And who am I to have a blog? Well, I am me, and sometimes I have things to say and sometimes they’re worth reading…but mostly…I just like to write. So hi, and welcome.

I’ve been thinking lately about this human gig. My blog, (the one you’re reading) is entitled “Real. Good. Human.” It’s my theme for 2019. It’s where my heart is hanging out these days. Real~ like honest and not full of bull shit. Good~ just good. Full of love and care and compassion and grace and grace and maybe just a sip more of love. Human~ all of us. Every single one. We’re all here. And we’re all we’ve got. And we’re beautiful and flawed and messy. And it’s ok. We’re ok. We’re going to be ok. Yep, real good human. Hi. And again, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. ❤️