I’ve been challenged to spend the year only consuming what I need. It’s already affected my thinking. I walked through Wal-Mart yesterday with a much more heightened state of mind. I don’t really feel like I’m someone who consumes a lot, but I will tell you what I am guilty of…thoughtlessness. I don’t think about any of it. Needs and wants converge in a pool of mindlessness and I do what I like. Whatever that might be. It’s difficult to ascertain between a want and a need. I’m afraid that when I really get down to it, I don’t “need” much. I accepted the challenge and I will do my best. I don’t like to hold myself to too strict of rules, I have a rebellious heart that revels in grace. I like to break rules. Here is the thing though, I have this dream in my heart that just won’t quit. It wakes me up and lays me down. It’s going to require some sacrifice, some mindfulness, some discipline…and I am not afraid of those things. My friend posted this quote yesterday and it has just been circling around in my head…

“What is simple often isn’t easy; what is easy often doesn’t last ” – Everybody Always by Bob Goff

I want that good good. A year of less?

…don’t mind if I do.